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Leak Detection in Peoria, AZ

Leak Detection in Peoria, AZ

Water leaks are something that can be silent but deadly, or they can be loud and obnoxious. The problem is, you never which one you are going to get. Some leaks are very noticeable and come in the form of pooling or standing water around your plumbing appliances, while other water leaks take place in your underground pipes and you may never actually see them. Whatever kind of leak you’re dealing with, whether it be a slab leak, a basement leak, a kitchen sink leak, or a toilet leak, you will want to schedule leak detection in Peoria with Rooter Hero Plumbing right away.
No matter what kind or size of water leak you are dealing with, you don’t ever want to put it to the end of your priority list. Why wait to get it fixed when you can easily schedule a same or next-day appointment with Rooter Hero Plumbing and they do all the hard work for you? Get in touch with Rooter Hero Plumbing now to request a nearby plumber in Peoria AZ for any type of water leak detection services.

How do I Detect a Leak?

When it comes to doing your own leak detection in your home, there are a couple of things you can do. You don’t need to be a plumber to find the common signs of a water leak in your home, so if you think you are dealing with a kitchen sink leak, a basement leak, a slab leak, or a toilet leak, here’s how you can find out…

Leak Detection in Peoria, AZ
  • Monitor your water bill for a couple of months and see if your price goes up
  • Watch the water meter on the side of your home and see if your usage goes up
  • Check your lawn for random extra thick and lush patches of grass
  • Dye test your toilet
  • Install leak detectors near things like your water heater
  • Check and inspect your appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • Use common sense – is your water pressure low? Do you smell an odor? Are your faucets loose?

What Damage Does a Water Leak Cause?

While you may think a water leak is nothing more than that, the smallest of leaks can cause major damage to you, your family, and your home. That’s why Rooter Hero Plumbing can’t stress enough that if you think you are dealing with a leak, you need to call us for leak detection or water leak repair in Peoria immediately! 
Noticing a water leak in your home is extremely important. If water damage goes unnoticed for an extended period, here’s what damage can happen:

  • Issues with mold and mildew
  • Health effects
  • Contaminated water
  • Increase in bills
  • Ceiling & attic damage
  • Damage to your home structure

See Why People Choose Rooter Hero Plumbing 

When it comes to leak detection in Peoria or water leak repair in Peoria, people always choose Rooter Hero Plumbing. Why is that? Because we offer fast, reliable, and affordable plumbing services throughout Peoria, AZ. We offer 24/7/365 plumbing services to ensure you always have access to our services. 
Are you experiencing low water pressure or dripping faucets? Has your water usage and bill been increasing over the last couple of months? Sounds like you need leak detection in Peoria, AZ! Are you dealing with a slab leak, a toilet leak, a basement leak, or a kitchen sink leak? Call the Rooter Hero Plumbing office today! We are always here to help things go right in your home. 

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Allison Siegel
Chandler, AZ

Skylar and JJ were professional, explained everything they were doing before and as they were doing it, and respectful of our request to wear masks, which we really appreciated. Skylar is an excellent communicator. Highly recommend them both.

Danny Marin
Queen Creek, AZ

I broke an outside water spicket today, and called Rooter Hero. Their plumber showed up on time and walked me through every scenario. He even asked me if I wanted to watch the repair he would do and I did. He talked me through every part of this job and was very professional. Did I mention it was 108 degrees today. True professional, thank you Josef Yarmas for all your help and courtesy.