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Keep These Killers Away from Your Garbage Disposal

Keep These Killers Away from Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen, which helps get rid of leftovers and food waste. If this type of waste is left in the trash can for long, the result is an unpleasant odor that makes your home inhabitable. There’s no disputing that disposal plays a vital role in ensuring that waste is properly disposed of, but it is not designed to handle everything. Certain items and types of food can damage your disposal unit and even cause significant damage to your plumbing. When this happens, Rooter Hero has a team of professional plumbers dedicated to ensuring that your disposal runs smoothly. Here are some of the things you should avoid putting down your garbage disposal:

  • Non-Food Items

The purpose of garbage disposals is to handle food scraps, but most people put other types of waste such as cigarette butts, rubber bands, paint chips, and other wastes. When such items are put in the garbage disposal, the blades can’t break them down, which usually results in a clog. It is advisable to consult an expert plumber and schedule regular maintenance to ensure that your garbage disposal is in tip-top shape.

  • Bones

You are probably wondering, aren’t bones part of food? Well, bones might be part of a meal, but not all bones are easily broken down. Fishbones are easily broken down, but pork, beef, chicken, and lamb bones challenge. Unlike fish bones which are easily broken down and can hardly result in a clog, these other bones shouldn’t go down the disposal. Since a garbage disposal unit is not designed to break bones, they usually get caught in the drain pipes or the appliance.

Keep These Killers Away from Your Garbage Disposal
  • Grease and Oils

There’s no getting around the fact that a lot of food we consume contains fat. Despite being part of everyday meals, putting food containing grease or oils down the garbage disposal unit is not advisable. When grease and oil cool on the blades of the disposal unit, they create a film that renders the blades ineffective. The fat also solidifies in the drain lines, resulting in costly sewer clogs, which call for the services of expert plumbers.

  • Egg Shells

Most people believe that putting eggshells down the disposal unit sharpens the edges of the blades. However, this is not the case since the inner membrane of eggshells wraps itself around the shredder ring and eventually sticks to the drain lines, resulting in odiferous plumbing problems and clogs. This problem can be avoided if your garbage disposal is properly maintained and necessary repairs and replacements are made.

  • Fruit Pits

Fruits are vital to excellent health, but the pits from peaches, plums, cherries, avocados, and other stone fruits shouldn’t go down the drain. The pits from these fruits break or crack the garbage disposal blades and clog your drain pipes. These are some things to avoid throwing down at your disposal to maintain an efficient and healthy appliance.

For more information about garbage disposal and what shouldn’t go down the appliance, contact the experts at Rooter Hero. Our qualified plumbers in Fountain Hills will help you maintain healthy garbage disposal and plumbing system.

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