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What Can You Do About a Bathtub That Won’t Drain?

What Can You Do About a Bathtub That Won’t Drain?

Drains are a vital part of every commercial and residential building. Whether you shower or clean the dishes, you expect all the soap, scum, and dirt to drain. What if this doesn’t happen? When the wastewater is left to fester, it is a sign that your drains are not working as expected. In addition, a sink or bathtub filling up faster than it drains can overflow and flood your home. Rooter Hero Plumbing can help you mitigate the problem through exceptional clogged drain repair services before it reaches such levels.

The last thing any property owner wants is to deal with water damage and the costly repairs that come with it. We have an experienced and well-equipped team of plumbers ready to help you address the problem before it gets out of hand. If you see stagnant water after rinsing the dishes or taking a shower, here are scenarios that could be the reason.

The Built-in Drain Stopper is Stuck

Modern bathtubs, particularly those with a shower combo, have a built-in stopper to prevent water from draining. This is usually the case when filling up the tub, and they come in unique designs depending on the type of drain. Over time, the stopper can get entirely or partially stuck, preventing water from draining efficiently. It will eventually get stuck if you see signs of rust, wear, or damage. You can use a pair of pliers to pull it out and replace it with a new one, but if it doesn’t solve the problem, consider getting professional help.

What Can You Do About a Bathtub That Won’t Drain?

Clogged Drain Pipes

A blockage is another common reason most homeowners require clogged drain repair. Whether you have moved into a new construction home or bought your dream house, scheduling routine maintenance with expert plumbers is crucial. This ensures that all the hair, soap residue, debris, shampoo, and other substances lingering in your lines are cleared. While the damage may not be instant, combining these substances can solidify and clog your pipes. If a plunger doesn’t do the job, leverage our standard industry equipment to ensure your drains function optimally.

Hard Water Buildup

Some areas receive water with high mineral content, like magnesium and calcium, forming hard water. Over time, hard water leaves mineral deposits in your lines, accumulating and creating blockages. The hard edges created by the mineral deposits also trap soap scum, hair, and debris, worsening the situation. If you aren’t sure of your water’s Ph levels, our plumbers have the equipment and knowledge to conduct an in-depth assessment and make recommendations.

What to Do if I Can’t Unclog the Bathtub?

There are many DIY alternatives, from drain cleaners to plungers. However, a professional should check a bathtub that won’t drain. A clog may not just be a clog, but an underlying sign of a bigger problem. We can inspect and determine the solution to prevent further deterioration. Contact us at Rooter Hero Plumbing and schedule an appointment with our professional plumbers. We guarantee top-notch clogged drain repair and maintenance at competitive market rates.

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