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Tips to Improve Your Water Heater Efficiency

Tips to Improve Your Water Heater Efficiency

No one likes to wait 15 minutes for the water to heat up. If you want to enjoy better water heater efficiency, then this article is for you. Rooter Hero Plumbing of Phoenix has decades of experience installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining water heaters, and we are thrilled to share some not-so-secret secrets with you. These are just some ways to improve your water heater’s efficiency, save time, and save energy. If you are looking for a reliable plumbers to take care of a water heater repair, replacement, or installation, then feel free to call Rooter Hero Plumbing any time. We are ready to schedule a flexible appointment or arrange an emergency water heater repair today.

Tip #1: Set the Thermostat to 120 Degrees

Increasing the thermostat’s settings to anything over 120 degrees is dangerous for you and your water heater. Still, for whatever reason, some property owners and even manufacturers set the water heaters to 130 or even 140 degrees. This can produce scalding hot water and even overheat your water heater. Set the thermostat to 120 degrees to get hot water, protect your skin and water heater, and save on energy bills.

Tip #2: Insulate the Pipes

Heat will dissipate quickly. If you are particular about your water temperature, then insulate your pipes to keep the water temperature precise. Insulated pipes can even raise the water temperature by a few degrees on their own. Long story short: insulating your pipes can save on energy costs and keep the water hot for longer.

Tips to Improve Your Water Heater Efficiency

Tip #3: Drain the Water Tank Once or Twice a Year

Your hot water heater tank can hold several dozens of gallons of water. If you do not have a reliable water filtration system, then this water likely has a lot of minerals and sediments in it. Those minerals and sediments can settle in the water tank and harden along the tank. Naturally, that layer of sediment buildup will force the water heater to work harder, potentially causing overheating and ruptures. The solution is simple: drain the water tank once or twice a year to flush out the debris before it has a chance to harden.

Tip #4: Install Water Filtration Systems

A whole-house water filtration system will make sure the water coming through the inlet pipes into the water heater are clear of excess minerals, sediments, and debris. This can protect your plumbing pipes and the water heater from blockages and sediment buildup.

Tip #5: Use Low Flow Fixtures

Low flow plumbing fixtures, such as faucets and showerheads, reduce the flow rate and the amount of water that goes to waste. If you have a tank-style water heater, then your hot water is relatively scarce. Low flow fixtures can make the most out of that limited supply of hot water!

Schedule Routine Maintenance

If you want to leave the water heater maintenance to trained professionals, then call Rooter Hero Plumbing to schedule an appointment. Routine maintenance and tune-ups can have your water heater working in its tip-top shape year-round.

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