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How to Find the Sewer Cleanout

January 30 / 2022

How to Find the Sewer Cleanout

Does it seem like you’re always dealing with a clog? Whether you’re tired of messy toilet backups or fed up with your slow draining kitchen sink, recurring clogs are often a sign of a sewer line issue. If such a problem is ignored for too long, the blockage or pipe damage could lead to a major plumbing crisis. One of the first steps in handling an emergency sewer line problem is to know where to access your sewer cleanout. At Rooter Hero Plumbing of Phoenix, Arizona, our plumbers provide dependable services for local homeowners and businesses, including sewer line cleaning and pipe repair. When plumbers arrive at your property to take care of the sewer line issue, the first thing they will need to know is the location of your sewer cleanout. Knowing this ahead of time will help make the process go even faster, so you can be sure that your pipes are back to normal as quickly as possible. Here are some tips on how you can find your sewer cleanout and stay prepared for anything.

How to Find the Sewer Cleanout

Your sewage waste is transported from your property to the public sewer system via a lateral sewer line. From time to time, debris can cause a blockage in this sewer line, and a plumber may need to locate the sewer drain through the cleanout in order to remove the clog effectively. There are a few different areas where the sewer cleanout may be located. First, check around the perimeter of the home. Check for a plastic tube that is sticking out of the ground. They are usually black or white and will be about four inches wide. You’ll see a screwcap on top, and it is often located outside near a bathroom. In some cases, they will be placed a little further out near the edge of the property line, at the sidewalk.

What Should Homeowners Do If There Isn’t a Sewer Cleanout?

If you walked around your yard several times and still couldn’t find the cleanout, then there are a few options available. First, check the crawl space. While this is a very inconvenient area to place the cleanout, it has been known to happen. If you have access to your property’s blueprints, then you might be able to find the cleanout location there. In rare cases, there might not be a cleanout at all. This is more common in rural properties or older homes. In these situations, a hydro-jetting service or industrial snake can still be used via the bathroom, but the toilet will need to be completely removed then reassembled for the task. If you don’t have a cleanout, then you might want to consider installing one for ease of maintenance and repairs in the future.

Do You Need a Pipe Repair or Sewer Line Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ?

Are you worried that your sewer line backups are a sign of something more sinister? Get help with your pipes right away by calling the experienced plumbers at Rooter Hero Plumbing of Phoenix, Arizona. Our specialists will make sure that your plumbing system is working at its best with our professional clog removal, hydro jetting, sewer line cleaning, and pipe repair services. Contact our crew to learn more or to schedule an appointment.