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Drain Cleaning in Sun City West, AZ

Drain Cleaning in Sun City West

When a clogged toilet or clogged kitchen sink starts to overflow, you are going to wish you had seen the warning signs earlier. In this article, we will go over how to prevent clogged drains, signs to watch out for, and introduce you to hydro jetting drain cleaning. Residents in Sun City West can put their trust in Rooter Hero Plumbing for reliable and affordable drain cleaning, clogged drain line repair, and drain line replacement services. Don’t put your drain line installation in harm’s way. Stop that nagging clogged drain with a drain cleaning in Sun City West. Our live representatives are always ready to take your call.

Causes of Clogged Drains

Your drain line installation is possibly the most important utility line in your house as it safely disposes of waste and wastewater. It is only rational that you take good care of it. That includes making sure the drains do not clog. So, what causes clogged drains?
Most people are aware that they should not flush anything other than toilet paper, pee, and poo. They know that paper towels, diapers, and hygiene products are likely going to get stuck in the drains. They might also know that food scraps and fats, oils, and greases can also clog drains. 
But, did you know that even your water can clog the drains? Hard water is water with high mineral content. These minerals can settle on the pipes and build up, causing a blockage. Another secret cause is tree roots. Invasive tree roots can penetrate through pipes in their search for water.

Drain Cleaning in Sun City West, AZ

Clogged Drain Line Repair in Sun City West, AZ

What to Do About A Clogged Drain

The answer is seemingly obvious: just bring out the plunger or drain snake, right? Not quite. Those tools can unclog the drain, sure. But they only clear the drain. Plus, drain snakes can scrape off metal from damaged pipes. Then, you’re going to end up needing a clogged drain repair in Sun City West. 
If you want long-term results, then you want to get a drain cleaning. The name is self-explanatory. Our Sun City West drain cleaning ensures that your drains are clean as a whistle. This way, you will not have to pull out the drain snake every couple of weeks when the toilet or kitchen sink clogs.

The Drain Cleaning Process

At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we use hydro jetting drain cleaning technology to provide safe and thorough results. This process begins with a live video inspection of the drain line using advanced video technology attached to a sturdy cable. The purpose here is to pinpoint the blockage and also ensure the pipes are not damaged. Damaged pipes will be referred for a clogged drain line repair or even a drain line replacement depending on the extent of the damage.
If the pipes are solid, then our local reliable plumber will use the video technology to guide another cable with pressurized water. The pressurized water is blasted against the blockage to thoroughly clear away the debris and clean the drain line. Hydro jetting drain cleaning is so powerful that it can even cut through dried concrete and tree roots!

Need Emergency Service?

If you are in a rush, then you have probably been searching the web for “drain cleaning near me.” Well, you are at the right place. Rooter Hero Plumbing has live representatives and certified plumbers available 24/7/365. Call Rooter Hero Plumbing now to speak with a live representative and request an emergency dispatch. 

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Allison Siegel
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Skylar and JJ were professional, explained everything they were doing before and as they were doing it, and respectful of our request to wear masks, which we really appreciated. Skylar is an excellent communicator. Highly recommend them both.

Danny Marin
Queen Creek, AZ

I broke an outside water spicket today, and called Rooter Hero. Their plumber showed up on time and walked me through every scenario. He even asked me if I wanted to watch the repair he would do and I did. He talked me through every part of this job and was very professional. Did I mention it was 108 degrees today. True professional, thank you Josef Yarmas for all your help and courtesy.